Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whomp Whomp

Soccer season and school are officially over and I couldn't be happier. 4 games a week and practices with late night dinner- not my idea of romantic or well fun. We all know that this girl LOVES football more than anything. I love me some soccer when it's World or Euro Cup time, but high school soccer....not so much. I have to admit that we did not go to any games this season- I know....bad wife, but with the crazy weather and temps it wasn't going to happen with Gray or Cammy.

Coach's JV team didn't do too well record wise, but by golly they loved him and he loves them. The boys grew so much developmentally which is what matters and they had a great time. I can't tell you how nice it is to see Coach happy and hear such great things about him. He loved coaching them and loved being a soccer coach.

Sadly, Coach is on the hunt for a new job in a bigger district and I have to say job hunting for a coach stinks. The district he was at just wasn't the place for him, but it was good to our little family while he was there.
We've had great offers, but all of them have been out of town. And this girl is preggers so moving the entire family of soon to 5 might be out of the question. As all teachers know- most schools won't hire a pregnant teacher who will be out the second week of school. They might not say it, but that's what happens.

Honestly, being a San Antonio girl-I do have say that I am disappointed in the districts and their lack of interest. Not because he's my hubs, but because being a teacher myself I've seen some amazing coaches/teachers and recently some really bad teachers/coaches and I notice talent when I see it- he has it and wants so much to make a difference. San Antonio so badly is in need of great coaches who want to make a difference, thinks of the kids development both academically, emotionally and physically, and thinks of not just the kids' present, but also their future.

 It makes you wonder what they are looking for and it's a little discouraging, but we are blessed that he has options. I'm just wishing that they were options here. Only time will tell what happens next for our little family- to be honest this girl wouldn't mind moving to Sugarland. :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Missing in coach's wife

I don't even know where to start with the excuses as to why I went missing. There has been so much that has happened since starting this crazy blog and so much that continues to happen as I type. Becoming a mom of 2 rocked my world, turning into an IF teacher a few months into the year changed my entire classroom set-up, and life has definitely thrown our family some curve balls. I've realized that I'm definitely not super mom, teacher of the year, and wife of the century, but darn it I'm trying. And to me that's all that matters.

 Life as a coach's wife has gotten interesting again as soccer season has started. Oh how different it is to be a soccer wife compared to a football wife. Let's be honest, I was made for a football more than anything- which is why coach's search for a permanent football position will continue in the Spring. I'm keeping the hope that he will find a place where his heart is happy and his talent is appreciated because let me tell y'all the man is amazing at what he does and how he thinks and sees football. I've never felt so strongly about what someone else should be doing for a living, but by golly this is his calling.

We will see where the soccer season takes us....stay tuned for soccer stories and stories of life taking crazy twists.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Life has a way

It's funny how life happens and you do not have time to do the simple things you had time to do BLOG!  It's been a whirlwind since I started back at school and Mike started coaching. As I'm sure all Coach's wives will say, you husband goes missing and you turn into the single parent for the time being.  I have learned that there is so much that goes into supporting your husband when he's a coach- both good and bad.

For the past two months, I have loved every minute of being a Coach's wife and have made some amazing friends in the process. There have been moments of "how am I going to do this by myself?" and "I need a break...when do I get a break?" , but there have also been many moments of excitement for games, joy of meeting new people and families who adore my hubs, watching him do his thing, and hearing stories about all of these amazing kids and knowing some of them by name. I've loved my moments under the Friday Night Lights cheering for the team regardless of our record or struggling defense and offense.

One of my favorite things is the amazing group of women and children I have been surrounded by. Each has their own story, their own history with the sport and life, and each have been some of the kindest people I have met. It felt like a family and my babygirl relished in the lights, the band, the new friends, the cheers, and watching her daddy on the field. It was my happy after a long week.'s come to an end. Not by my given choice, but by the choice of the hubs. It was best for him and it was a decision he wadded in for weeks. As weeks went by, I saw the light and joy fall from his eyes. His enthusiastic smile and conversations of football turned to frustration and doubt. I'm sure this happens to many coaches and many wives of coaches, but this time it was different. He was losing his love and passion to coach.

To understand why he chose to walk away you must know the truth about his coaching in football. Coach volunteered to coach this year in football in hopes of getting his foot in the door.It was something we discussed as a couple and decided that if he couldn't find a position in high school right away it was his best option if someone was crazy enough to do it. They did....he convinced them and he jumped right in. (Now you must also know he is a "paid" varsity soccer coach as well.) He worked as a coach from the moment they said yes with one request "Please don't treat me like a volunteer". With that request, he promised to be there everyday, whenever needed, requesting the same amount of work as an actual coach, willing to do whatever it takes to shine and make it happen. And in my eyes he did just that.

With all of that being said....he loved what he does, he loved the kids and seeing them grow each day. But there comes a time when going unpaid, spending endlesss hours away from your newborn and growing little girl, speaking, but being unheard and ignored ....become too much. You stay in something like education and coaching to make a difference, but Coach and I agree that when you are being denied that keep fighting, find another way to do it, or sadly have to walk away. Coach has chosen to do two things...find another way to do it  and walk away from a program that we are grateful to for giving him a chance.

We have no ill-will towards the program for things not working out. In fact, it was a blessing to have had the short time we did have with the program. As a wife, I don't get involved in Coach's work business. He honors my opinion and takes what I say to heart, but he does what he has to with his job regardless of what I say. So I can't really say what happened or point fingers at who's fault it was that it ended, but I will say this- God works in mysterious way. He brings people in and out of your life for a reason. He places situations in front of you to learn from and grow.

This was an amazing experience to learn and grow from and we are grateful for the people God has brought into our lives from it. I might not have much to blog about when it comes to the football season right now, but I definitely will have soccer stories coming up. :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday and 1st impressions...

Yay Friday!! I'm still not excited about Fridays, but in order to get somewhat excited about Fridays again I decide to do a "linky" link up with Darci at The Good Life blog. {don't check out of our blog yet...we've got convo on 1st impressions coming up at the bottom}

Alot has happened this week that would explain why...well...I am just getting back to blogging right now. :) 


WHOMP! WHOMP!! Let's shout it together....BOO to getting stopped!!! Let's be honest while I know that it is their job to protect us and stop those of us who are speeding [Looks around b/c I sure wasn't] It always stinks to get stopped especially when you have a crying 5 week old and a annoyed 4 year old who apparently forgot that they used to cry as well. Thankfully for me Officer Rodriguez (who wasn't bad looking might I add) was super sweet and gave me a warning. I was going 5 miles over the speed limit and I think the poor guy felt bad for me with Gray in the back crying. That guy gets a high five for being super nice and proving to this girl that our PD does have nice guys.


The countdown is on y'all....for dare I say it...the end of Summer. :( So we have been spending our last few weeks together trying to have as much fun as possible. We've been to the park almost everyday and as you can see it wore some people out. Yay for Momma! It doesn't hurt that we have an Orange Leaf down the road because Ladybug loves her fro-yo. Let's be does this girl. It's a known fact that Orange Leaf is responsible for this girl rediscovering her love for Fruity Pebbles {which caused me to go buy some at HEB}

OBSESSED! Yes....I admit it- this girl is obsessed with Walmart right now. Especially during back to school time. I could literally spend all day there just going up and down aisles to see what I can buy for my classroom. I literally spend 15 minutes just deciding if I really need certain things or 30 minutes to an hour searching for things that I probably don't need, but want for my class. Did I mention that they have ribbon there? Add another addiction to my list...I love ribbon mainly grosgrain ribbon like I used to wear in my hair for cheerleading or the kind you use to make bows. Yes....this girl uses ribbon all over her classroom. Poor Coach- I've spent way too much at Walmart this past week. 


Baby Gray has officially turned 6 weeks. I'm in love with this little boy and certain that he will always love his Momma because well....let's be honest a Mom is every little boy's first love. I'll be his until he's 40! :) This amazing little boy does so many amazing things that I can't help but brag about him. 
- 9 lbs, 7 oz (He started at 7 lbs, 3 oz)
-rolls over during Tummy Time
-say "Good morning Handsome!" and he smiles his heart away 
-such a charmer (all the ladies love him)
-so far we have light brown eyes (we will see if it stays)


HOOK 'EM!!! That's right y'all there are 29 days until kickoff for UT football and this girl couldn't be more excited. I literally do not know what I do without football after basketball ends. I know that I gag each time that I just have to hear about baseball on Sportscenter. {sorry to my baseball coach loving families and wives} I can't wait for my College Gameday with Herbie and the boys or to rock my burnt orange. 

{First impressions}
the top of the dress
how it looks altogether

So I'll say it....first impressions mean everything to some. I've been all about Coach's new job and team since day one and so excited for him, but now this girl is a bit nervous. Why am I nervous you might ask....well, Coach comes home from Coaching School in DFW and tells me "Bubs, you have to find something to wear to the Coaches' dinner on Saturday. It's a family thing where all the families will meet." WHAT!?!? Already? I thought this girl at least had until the week before the first scrimmage to meet the families. Now usually I'm not worried, but this girl is 6 weeks post baby and not anywhere near where she was before she got the big ol' preggo. 

So this dress {they said come casual} up here is what I was thinking of wearing minus the jacket and boots because after all IT'S TEXAS Y'ALL AND IT'S HOT! and I'd be a damn fool to wear a jacket in this heat. So aside from the worry of being a chunky monkey there is also the worry of...well, who am I kidding our family is crazy. The four of us together are a crazy little mess of a family. Cammy cracks toot  jokes,talks way too much, and wants everyone to be her friend [that she learned from daddy...thanks for that Coach], the hubs is a closet comic book nerd who fights  in MMA {thankfully just retired}, and this girl is a total dork and way too sarcastic and honest for some. We're a lot to handle. So hopefully, this quirky little cray family will make a decent impression with all of the families tomorrow. 

Here's hoping! Wish us luck y'all....we're gonna need it. If you don't hear back from means I'm hiding in shame because our crazy came out in I promise we are not that crazy. :) ....maybe

Happy Weekend!! Holla! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never Ever Ever

I'm having fun and linking up today with Shelley from Hand in Hand blog for her Never Ever Ever linky. And to make it even better she has a giveaway going on at her blog- so stop by y'all!
We all have those things that we Never Ever Ever would do or thought we would do or will do.

Here goes nothing....


-did I think that I would survive this first out of town trip for Coach. I thought the two littles over here would drive me to go crazy. Let's be honest one of them....(who shall remain nameless, but is 4 years old) has been trying to pay Momma back for all of the crazy things Momma did when she was younger. :) Thanks for wishing that on me Mariana. (aka my mom)

-will I be able to blog every day. I've far it's not going well. But I promise to blog at least twice a week. :)

-will I be able to memorize all and every single comic book super hero and know which one is Marvel and which one is DC....regardless of how many times Coach tries to teach me or tell me about it. Sorry Coach...its' not going to happen. :/

-will I admit to Coach that I half listen to some of the things he says so when he ask "didn't you hear me say that last week?" I always will and never ever ever admit that I wasn't listening when he said it. What? I'm a woman...I'm not going to admit that.

-did I imagine that I would be teaching with one of my greatest friends. I met her in college and do not this day what I would have done without her. It's crazy how after years apart we can always just go back to being Garcia and Montemayor in a instant.

-will I understand how I went from loving Barbies when I was little to hating them as an adult. Poor Ladybug....Momma will play anything with you....hang from her toes, bounce you up and down, make you fly through the air, stand in 100 degree weather (It's Texas y'all) sweating her life away or live my life at the swimming pool BUT please don't make Momma play Barbies. {Sad, but true}

-did I think that there would actually be 2 educators in the house when I first met Coach. I totally thought he should be a coach, but knew he loved business and wanted to pursue a law degree. Life works in mysterious ways.

Happy Tuesday y'all. Tomorrow this teacher is getting together with her favorite ladies to go to lunch and shop for our school year. :) As much as I love Summer, I can't wait!!! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five for Friday

Happy Friday y'all! I used to be excited about Fridays because you know they meant the weekend, but they mean school is coming sooner than I'd like. Whomp...Whomp!
In order to get somewhat excited about Fridays again I decide to do a "linky" link up with Darci at The Good Life blog. 



YAY BABY GRAY!!! How can I not be loving on this sweetness. I'm way obsessed (lame I know) with the finished pics that my friend Kim from Modern Bebe Designs and Photography did for us. This is Coach's surprise for his desk. :) He has no idea yet, but it's being blown up into a bigger size for his at home office. :) swoon....I'm in love. (Sorry facebook...I've blasted you with pics of my sweet babies all week long) 


WHAT'S THAT SMELL? [If you're Ladybug and smell bar-b-que you yell out "Oh someone is making saw-sage!"  yes with the "w" and all :) ]So I'll admit it- I just got my first official bar-b-que pit. Yes....I live in Texas and just got one. (Thanks to my father in law being totally cute and getting us one because I was talking about it)
Now I will tell you that I grew up in a house with one of the best bar-b-quers EVA! momma. <Gasp...I know not my dad, but my momma is the best> So it's only natural that I be amazing as well....well not yet, but I'm working on it. I'm all about a bar-b-que right now so come on over and I'll serve you up some good treats. :) 

FOOTBALL TIME!!! Thank you Hey-sus it's training camp time and my TV is filled with the sounds of Sportscenter and talk of camp and football. The less I hear about baseball and A-roid the better. This girl is in football heaven and can not wait till season opener. My days will be filled with Fridays in purple, Saturdays in burnt orange (Hook 'em) and Sundays in Red/Navy (P...A...T....S...PATS! PATS! PATS!) 

I love this movie and if I could watch it over and over I would...if I could get Ladybug to zip it. :) I mean that with love...this is Momma's late night, can't go to sleep movie. 

BLOG LOVIN' and I'm totally lovin' it. I could spend endless days on this website just reading all of the blogs I am following and the new ones I just found thanks to this linky. I'm telling you for some reason it has my hear more than google reader. Sorry Googs! 

Head on over to Darci's page and check out the other things people are talking about for Friday! 

Happy Weekend! Holla! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What to wear Wednesday

Hey there everybody!!

I'm a total dork and way to excited about going to football games every Friday! So, I've spent many 2 am feedings searching on the interwebs and pinterest to find cute outfits for the fam to wear to Coach's games.

So here are a few things that I'm "looking at"....aka going to buy. Now keep in mind all of this is going to have to be in good ol' purple  (did I mention I was a cheerleader for a Pop Warner team who's colors were purple, white and grey so it runs in my blood :) )

So far Momma and Ladybug have outfits ready. Poor Baby Gray only has a football beanie. :) We'll get him a baby jersey hopefully. Can't wait for Game Day! Go Hounds!!

So which is your fave? Vote in our comments!