Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What's this bizness?

Please excuse my so not teacher like spelling up there, but we are silly in this house of ours and say silly things like "whiz biz" and bizness all the time. :)

So what is up with this "bizness"? If you know me well then you know:
1. I'm a talker and I love to talk and share anything and everything about my life- the good, the bad and the downright ugly at times. I'm definitely not shy and I'll always tell it like it is.

2. I'm a total dork and joke around a lot. I use sarcasm to get through life and make fun of things, say things that most wouldn't and probably offend people more than I should.

That being said...I'm pretty damn funny (yes...the teacher and wife said "Damn") and even with my sarcastic spirit...I'm a good person who loves to share ideas and make new friends.

I decided I wanted to share this journey of my first year as a coach's wife with the world- in hopes that maybe someone will read this silly blog and find it useful. At least hoping they find it funny or entertaining at times. I'm sure there will be tons of crazy stories filled with tales of my two little ones, stories of the incredible kids we inherit from the team and hilariousness that is our life in the Coach's house.
So jump on and hold on because here goes nothing!

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