About Coach

I met “Coach” aka Mike, Mikey, and Dadda to the kiddos when were in college. Believe it or not y’all we met picking up trash for philanthropy for my sorority. His fraternity had the most members there and won a bar-b-que in their honor (which I did not attend). I noticed this handsome Spanish guy walking around me with his cute smile and muscles and thought “hey he’s cute!” yet...I did not speak a word to the guy.
Fast forward to later that night, my best friends dragged me to a party thrown by the fraternity and I swore up and down we would only stay for 30 minutes because I so didn’t want to be there. Well, 30 minutes turned into hours and hours have now turned into almost 11 years the poor boy has been stuck with me. I blame him for his stalker stare during the entire party, but it was the best thing that could have happened to me.
Before meeting the Teacher:
Coach originally began his college career at Southern Methodist University as a defensive end on their team. He injured his shoulder, underwent surgery, was recruited by O-HI-O state, but wound up playing Semi-Pro in good ol’ San Antonio.
After meeting the Teacher:
It’s been an 11 years full of great memories, sad moments, times of struggle and frustration and moments where I wondered “what the heck am I doing?” Coach ended up graduating from our university UTSA with a Political Science major, worked in the business world for a few years, started and fought as a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter (don’t ask how I survived that- think UFC fighting. Thankfully, I was a huge fan). A few years ago, after missing being involved in football and sports in general Coach decided and realized the Teacher was right all along and chose to go back to pursue his passion: Coaching.

So here we are, retired from professional fighting and starting his coaching career off as an assistant Varsity football and Varsity soccer coach. It’s been a long road with Coach, but I cannot say how proud of him I am and where he is today.

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