Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday and 1st impressions...

Yay Friday!! I'm still not excited about Fridays, but in order to get somewhat excited about Fridays again I decide to do a "linky" link up with Darci at The Good Life blog. {don't check out of our blog yet...we've got convo on 1st impressions coming up at the bottom}

Alot has happened this week that would explain why...well...I am just getting back to blogging right now. :) 


WHOMP! WHOMP!! Let's shout it together....BOO to getting stopped!!! Let's be honest while I know that it is their job to protect us and stop those of us who are speeding [Looks around b/c I sure wasn't] It always stinks to get stopped especially when you have a crying 5 week old and a annoyed 4 year old who apparently forgot that they used to cry as well. Thankfully for me Officer Rodriguez (who wasn't bad looking might I add) was super sweet and gave me a warning. I was going 5 miles over the speed limit and I think the poor guy felt bad for me with Gray in the back crying. That guy gets a high five for being super nice and proving to this girl that our PD does have nice guys.


The countdown is on y'all....for dare I say it...the end of Summer. :( So we have been spending our last few weeks together trying to have as much fun as possible. We've been to the park almost everyday and as you can see it wore some people out. Yay for Momma! It doesn't hurt that we have an Orange Leaf down the road because Ladybug loves her fro-yo. Let's be does this girl. It's a known fact that Orange Leaf is responsible for this girl rediscovering her love for Fruity Pebbles {which caused me to go buy some at HEB}

OBSESSED! Yes....I admit it- this girl is obsessed with Walmart right now. Especially during back to school time. I could literally spend all day there just going up and down aisles to see what I can buy for my classroom. I literally spend 15 minutes just deciding if I really need certain things or 30 minutes to an hour searching for things that I probably don't need, but want for my class. Did I mention that they have ribbon there? Add another addiction to my list...I love ribbon mainly grosgrain ribbon like I used to wear in my hair for cheerleading or the kind you use to make bows. Yes....this girl uses ribbon all over her classroom. Poor Coach- I've spent way too much at Walmart this past week. 


Baby Gray has officially turned 6 weeks. I'm in love with this little boy and certain that he will always love his Momma because well....let's be honest a Mom is every little boy's first love. I'll be his until he's 40! :) This amazing little boy does so many amazing things that I can't help but brag about him. 
- 9 lbs, 7 oz (He started at 7 lbs, 3 oz)
-rolls over during Tummy Time
-say "Good morning Handsome!" and he smiles his heart away 
-such a charmer (all the ladies love him)
-so far we have light brown eyes (we will see if it stays)


HOOK 'EM!!! That's right y'all there are 29 days until kickoff for UT football and this girl couldn't be more excited. I literally do not know what I do without football after basketball ends. I know that I gag each time that I just have to hear about baseball on Sportscenter. {sorry to my baseball coach loving families and wives} I can't wait for my College Gameday with Herbie and the boys or to rock my burnt orange. 

{First impressions}
the top of the dress
how it looks altogether

So I'll say it....first impressions mean everything to some. I've been all about Coach's new job and team since day one and so excited for him, but now this girl is a bit nervous. Why am I nervous you might ask....well, Coach comes home from Coaching School in DFW and tells me "Bubs, you have to find something to wear to the Coaches' dinner on Saturday. It's a family thing where all the families will meet." WHAT!?!? Already? I thought this girl at least had until the week before the first scrimmage to meet the families. Now usually I'm not worried, but this girl is 6 weeks post baby and not anywhere near where she was before she got the big ol' preggo. 

So this dress {they said come casual} up here is what I was thinking of wearing minus the jacket and boots because after all IT'S TEXAS Y'ALL AND IT'S HOT! and I'd be a damn fool to wear a jacket in this heat. So aside from the worry of being a chunky monkey there is also the worry of...well, who am I kidding our family is crazy. The four of us together are a crazy little mess of a family. Cammy cracks toot  jokes,talks way too much, and wants everyone to be her friend [that she learned from daddy...thanks for that Coach], the hubs is a closet comic book nerd who fights  in MMA {thankfully just retired}, and this girl is a total dork and way too sarcastic and honest for some. We're a lot to handle. So hopefully, this quirky little cray family will make a decent impression with all of the families tomorrow. 

Here's hoping! Wish us luck y'all....we're gonna need it. If you don't hear back from means I'm hiding in shame because our crazy came out in I promise we are not that crazy. :) ....maybe

Happy Weekend!! Holla!