Meet our Fam

You've already know a little about the Teacher and how she and Coach met- now meet the fun part of the team. I figured you might as well be able to put a face to the names you will be hearing about all the time. :)

    The Teacher                  The Coach

5 years old and going on 20! She's a firecracker y'all, but has such a sweet heart. 
Loves: swimming every day
Likes: eating snacks all the time
Hates: whens someone is mean
Driving Momma Crazy
Best Big Sister in the world. 

 Baby Gray 

A crazy 9 month old, crawling all over the house and reminding Momma why she baby-proofed the house. 
Loves: eating all day
Likes: being with his big sister and when Mommy makes silly faces
Hates: when his binkie goes missing (Momma hates this too!) 

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