Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whomp Whomp

Soccer season and school are officially over and I couldn't be happier. 4 games a week and practices with late night dinner- not my idea of romantic or well fun. We all know that this girl LOVES football more than anything. I love me some soccer when it's World or Euro Cup time, but high school soccer....not so much. I have to admit that we did not go to any games this season- I know....bad wife, but with the crazy weather and temps it wasn't going to happen with Gray or Cammy.

Coach's JV team didn't do too well record wise, but by golly they loved him and he loves them. The boys grew so much developmentally which is what matters and they had a great time. I can't tell you how nice it is to see Coach happy and hear such great things about him. He loved coaching them and loved being a soccer coach.

Sadly, Coach is on the hunt for a new job in a bigger district and I have to say job hunting for a coach stinks. The district he was at just wasn't the place for him, but it was good to our little family while he was there.
We've had great offers, but all of them have been out of town. And this girl is preggers so moving the entire family of soon to 5 might be out of the question. As all teachers know- most schools won't hire a pregnant teacher who will be out the second week of school. They might not say it, but that's what happens.

Honestly, being a San Antonio girl-I do have say that I am disappointed in the districts and their lack of interest. Not because he's my hubs, but because being a teacher myself I've seen some amazing coaches/teachers and recently some really bad teachers/coaches and I notice talent when I see it- he has it and wants so much to make a difference. San Antonio so badly is in need of great coaches who want to make a difference, thinks of the kids development both academically, emotionally and physically, and thinks of not just the kids' present, but also their future.

 It makes you wonder what they are looking for and it's a little discouraging, but we are blessed that he has options. I'm just wishing that they were options here. Only time will tell what happens next for our little family- to be honest this girl wouldn't mind moving to Sugarland. :)

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