Friday, July 26, 2013

Five for Friday

Happy Friday y'all! I used to be excited about Fridays because you know they meant the weekend, but they mean school is coming sooner than I'd like. Whomp...Whomp!
In order to get somewhat excited about Fridays again I decide to do a "linky" link up with Darci at The Good Life blog. 



YAY BABY GRAY!!! How can I not be loving on this sweetness. I'm way obsessed (lame I know) with the finished pics that my friend Kim from Modern Bebe Designs and Photography did for us. This is Coach's surprise for his desk. :) He has no idea yet, but it's being blown up into a bigger size for his at home office. :) swoon....I'm in love. (Sorry facebook...I've blasted you with pics of my sweet babies all week long) 


WHAT'S THAT SMELL? [If you're Ladybug and smell bar-b-que you yell out "Oh someone is making saw-sage!"  yes with the "w" and all :) ]So I'll admit it- I just got my first official bar-b-que pit. Yes....I live in Texas and just got one. (Thanks to my father in law being totally cute and getting us one because I was talking about it)
Now I will tell you that I grew up in a house with one of the best bar-b-quers EVA! momma. <Gasp...I know not my dad, but my momma is the best> So it's only natural that I be amazing as well....well not yet, but I'm working on it. I'm all about a bar-b-que right now so come on over and I'll serve you up some good treats. :) 

FOOTBALL TIME!!! Thank you Hey-sus it's training camp time and my TV is filled with the sounds of Sportscenter and talk of camp and football. The less I hear about baseball and A-roid the better. This girl is in football heaven and can not wait till season opener. My days will be filled with Fridays in purple, Saturdays in burnt orange (Hook 'em) and Sundays in Red/Navy (P...A...T....S...PATS! PATS! PATS!) 

I love this movie and if I could watch it over and over I would...if I could get Ladybug to zip it. :) I mean that with love...this is Momma's late night, can't go to sleep movie. 

BLOG LOVIN' and I'm totally lovin' it. I could spend endless days on this website just reading all of the blogs I am following and the new ones I just found thanks to this linky. I'm telling you for some reason it has my hear more than google reader. Sorry Googs! 

Head on over to Darci's page and check out the other things people are talking about for Friday! 

Happy Weekend! Holla! 


  1. i just found your blog through the link up...the design is awesome!

    i am a sucker for newborn pics && that is so precious. perfect for a football family. :] i'm also a big football fan and can't wait for the season to begin! i miss my saturdays and sundays filled with sitting on the couch && cheering on my favorite teams.

    1. Aww Yay! I'm so glad you found my blog. :) It's nice to find someone else who understands my love for football...other than the hubs of course. :) Definitely your newest follower on your adorable blog. :)