Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never Ever Ever

I'm having fun and linking up today with Shelley from Hand in Hand blog for her Never Ever Ever linky. And to make it even better she has a giveaway going on at her blog- so stop by y'all!
We all have those things that we Never Ever Ever would do or thought we would do or will do.

Here goes nothing....


-did I think that I would survive this first out of town trip for Coach. I thought the two littles over here would drive me to go crazy. Let's be honest one of them....(who shall remain nameless, but is 4 years old) has been trying to pay Momma back for all of the crazy things Momma did when she was younger. :) Thanks for wishing that on me Mariana. (aka my mom)

-will I be able to blog every day. I've tried....so far it's not going well. But I promise to blog at least twice a week. :)

-will I be able to memorize all and every single comic book super hero and know which one is Marvel and which one is DC....regardless of how many times Coach tries to teach me or tell me about it. Sorry Coach...its' not going to happen. :/

-will I admit to Coach that I half listen to some of the things he says so when he ask "didn't you hear me say that last week?" I always will and never ever ever admit that I wasn't listening when he said it. What? I'm a woman...I'm not going to admit that.

-did I imagine that I would be teaching with one of my greatest friends. I met her in college and do not know...to this day what I would have done without her. It's crazy how after years apart we can always just go back to being Garcia and Montemayor in a instant.

-will I understand how I went from loving Barbies when I was little to hating them as an adult. Poor Ladybug....Momma will play anything with you....hang from her toes, bounce you up and down, make you fly through the air, stand in 100 degree weather (It's Texas y'all) sweating her life away or live my life at the swimming pool BUT please don't make Momma play Barbies. {Sad, but true}

-did I think that there would actually be 2 educators in the house when I first met Coach. I totally thought he should be a coach, but knew he loved business and wanted to pursue a law degree. Life works in mysterious ways.

Happy Tuesday y'all. Tomorrow this teacher is getting together with her favorite ladies to go to lunch and shop for our school year. :) As much as I love Summer, I can't wait!!! 

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