Monday, July 22, 2013

You say it's your birthday....

Happy Monday y'all!

Let's be honest...who is ever happy about Monday. As a teacher, Mondays well...suck! During the summer, they usually are awesome, but right now Mondays once again kinda suck. Coach heads back to work so my support team in wrangling these two little crazy kids is gone most of the day. I'll say and no one judge or yell at me- I totally could not do the stay at home Momma thing. Right now, I'm rocking the newborn mom theory- "If I take a shower before noon....I rocked a BOSS!"

Enough of my sad whining (I know tons of Mommies who rock having more than one kiddo and still look fab- so I can't complain...I CAN DO THIS!)

This weekend was a good one! Coach's birthday was last Tuesday so of course I started it off with an embarassing photo of us then and now. Let's just say that some of us got better looking with age and it sure wasn't me....What the heck y'all? Coach is seriously the only man I know aside from my dad who gets better with age- how does he get any more handsome than I already thought he was? Lucky girl over here!! Holla!

If you know me , then you know birthdays are a big deal in my family and in this house. Ladybug caught the birthday love I have and  decided we need party hats, plates, and decorations. And of course, how could we forget....the annual cookie cake. Don't tell Coach, but I got him this the first birthday we were together (all of 11 years ago) thinking he would figure out that I love them just as much as he does and get a clue that I would love one for my birthday every year as well- Yea...I'm still waiting for mine. It's now a tradition that the man gets his cookie cake every year. Did I mention I'm still waiting for mine- he hasn't caught on. WHOMP! WHOMP! 
Here's our celebration. Even Gray got in the mix! 
This week also marks the beginning of the end for us. Yes everyone Summer is coming to an end. I won't depress myself with even counting how many weeks or days we have, but just know it's coming. :( According to Coach himself, "this is when all hell breaks loose." This week he will be gone all day at training camp and then coach meetings in the afternoon- I'm excited to hear all about it. And then it's on to football practice starting in August. One thing I'm not excited about is that he has "Coach School" in Dallas this coming up Sunday- Wednesday. PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!! WOOT! WOOT! Just kidding- it will just be me and the kiddos here. Pray for me y'all- If I go missing your best bet will be to find me at Mariana and Joe's house (the parentals)! Here's to a fun week of new things and getting started on getting my pre-pregnancy weight back....that's a whole other blog day. :)

Have a great week!

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